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Making care affordable

What is Concierge Care?

Providers charge a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee for services for those patients without Medicare or Medicaid. These services include email access; phone consultations; and acute care telehealth.  For companies, these services may virtual sick visits. 


This model allows cash-only or 'direct' care practices. In providing telehealth or mobile senior care, we keep our overhead and administrative costs low, thereby providing affordable healthcare to patients and employees.  We suggest you keep your insurance plan for labs, imagining and hospitalizations.  You may decide on a high deductible and save annual costs of care through your membership program. 

Concierge nurse practitioners care for fewer patients than those in a conventional practice, all generally claim to be accessible via telephone or email at any time of day or night or offer some other service above and beyond customary care. Some of the other benefits of concierge healthcare are in-home visits for seniors, worldwide access to care (we call this travel care), and expedited hospital referrals.

How do I pay for care?

Patients are enrolled in auto-pay or monthly payments to establish care.  

We are flexible to payment options to make it easier to receive timely care.

Uninsured are welcome- We accept Apple Pay, Zelle, Paypal, other auto pay options.

We partner with local imaging and laboratories to provide you the lowest out of pocket costs possible (these services are not included in health membership plans).

Patients will be enrolled in our concierge program to be seen immediately.

* Concierge Care 75.00 per month + ACH

* Corporate Care 99.00 per month ACH

* Elder Care/ Geriatric Home provider Medicare accepted

What if I have insurance? 

We don't accept insurance carriers at this time.  We are able to provide you with the bill to submit to your insurance, if this is an option for you.  Often the rate that we offer is lower than most deductibles.  The amount you pay may not be covered by insurance as concierge care.  However, your out of pocket costs are considerably lower.  We recommend that you maintain insurance to support possible hospitalizations, major testing (imaging and labs). 

We do NOT accept insurance.

How do I contract for my small business?

Contact our office to schedule a meeting to discuss your company needs.  You will need the number of employees, and we can take care of the rest.  Please note that you will have no rights to primary care medical records.  You can arrange new employee care, or screening at any time.  Your employees will have a primary care membership at no additional cost.  This is a great recruiting incentive for new employees and a wonderful way to foster health promotion for your company.  We recommend that you maintain insurance to support possible hospitalizations, major testing (imaging and labs).

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